REVIEW    by Clarion/Foreword Magazine

A first-time author, Azerier comes across as a seasoned professional.

His prose is vivid, romantic, and well-defined, having captured his story perfectly. A likeable, everyday guy who finds himself doing fantastic things in an increasingly troubled world, Azerier introduces his reader to a world that has been well-documented in the past through both book and film, but brings an air of realism to the tale that firmly plants the audience in his shoes.

Both aspects of the book, his career in the Marine Corps and military, and his radio/voice-over experience, are equally appealing. Without editorializing, Azerier presents his story with a matter-of-fact approach that will appeal to several generations of readers. One downside to the book is the lack of photographs to accompany the absorbing account.

Azerier's amazing life is appropriately realized in this remarkable memoir. His readers will surely feel compelled to chase their own dreams.

Marine Corps Days

Gary Alexander Azerier © All rights reserved.

      Gary Alexander Azerier

4313 and BEYOND
The first half of this epic tells the story of my memorable experience in the United States Marine Corps.

The tale recounts some of what led up (for me) to my being on the dangerous waters with the rest of the Navy and the Second Marine Division and chronicles a few of those tension filled days when the world floated on the brink of doom and extinction.

(The telling of this tale is laced with a certain wry humor although, granted, it was not so funny then.)

 The second half of the book is an equally difficult to believe (but candid) odyssey of my journey through more than a dozen radio stations in Westchester County, New York, Boston, Massachusettes and New York City. It reveals a few "behind-the-scenes" glimpses as well as people and events behind this well curtained industry. Not to be missed by anyone with on air aspirations.

                                                                               Gary Alexander Azerier