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Gary Alexander Azerier was born (so they tell me) in Washington Heights, a quiet area, back then, of upper Manhattan. He attended Public School 173, cleverly named after the Fort Washington Street on which it was (and still is) situated. This took him through an uneventful and lackluster six years during which he lost a major election for Captain of Patrol, he maintains, because he was short and a less than admirable athlete.

High School was the prestigious (he loves saying that) Music and Art, which today, after merging with Performing Arts High School, is known as LaGuardia, after one of New York's more memorable mayors, Fiorello LaGuardia (who also contributed his name to an airport and a little known Broadway show.)
Gary's years at M&A were shared with Billy DeWilliams, Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary) and Tony Roberts, none of whom really speak to him.

College was Hunter College at which the author's majors were Journalism, English and Psychology...which was later (mistakenly) pursued on the graduate level at the City University of N.Y. at the School of Clinical Psychology.

This was interrupted by service in the Marine Corps, during which a lucky break extricated Gary from virtual anonymity with 81mm mortars to similar anonymity, but better dressed duty, with the Second Division's Information Services Office. It was here that his semi-illustrious radio career (chronicled along with his service in the Marine Corps in the popular "4313 and Beyond") had its inauspicious start (and finish). The book in which these "adventures" are recounted is a must for the young man who has no idea where he is going. After reading this tome, he is sure at least to know where he is NOT going.

The author's brilliant life followed at WJNC in North Carolina, WVIP in Mount Kisco, N.Y.; WVOX, New Rochelle, N.Y.; WFAS, White Plains, N.Y.; and three 50,000 watters in Boston: WHDH, WRKO and WBZ. Returning to New York City Gary proceeded to fill his resume with work at WINS, WNEW, WHN, NBC network and WCBS. Discovering the income tax liability resulting from earning too much income, he left broadcasting and freelanced in the voice-over market, as the voice of, among other accounts, Krazy Glue, The Milford Plaza, Autoweek Magazine and Gold's Horseradish. For nearly 20 years Gary also voiced instructional courses for the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) where he further learned about the endearing qualities of the Internal Revenue Service.

Along the way there were college teaching jobs at Westchester Community College, Graham Junior College in Boston, Hunter College, and Lehman College.

Things and the world in general have changed during this odyssey, but so has Gary. Many of the changes may be realized and brought to mind in any of the four adult books mentioned on this site. Be forewarned. And so it is.

Gary Alexander Azerier lives with his wife Rose Ann in N.Y.C. and Florida.


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